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Rockford Skyline FRAMED - Artist Proof - woodblock print - black (26x14" Metal Framed)

Rockford Skyline FRAMED - Artist Proof - woodblock print - black (26x14" Metal Framed)

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Originally commissioned to celebrate the 12 years of service Mayor Larry Morrissey gave to our great city of Rockford, IL. Our downtown has been revitalized and continues to grow because of his efforts and teamwork with several people. Downtown Rockford is right on our great Rock River and the view depicted here is of the Jefferson Street Bridge facing West across the river from the Prairie Street Brewhouse. Geese represented in the print symbolize change, faithfulness, and commitment to family - all traits I felt represented our former mayor. I had the privilege of working with him for Etsy related projects in Rockford too so it was a great honor to be able to make this print for him. Thank you Larry! Print features some skyscape changes since this print was made - historic Amerock building before it was a hotel (far left, conference center there was just named after Larry), the public library building (which is now torn down), and that crazy cell tower on the right (that is now torn down).

Printed on white thick paper with black ink. Hand carved on shina plywood - which is a type of Linden tree from sustainable forests in Hokkaido, Japan. Image size is 20x8" framed in a 26x14" Florentine silver metal 1" thick frame with white matting and clear plexiglass. Ready to hang with strong wire on back. Title, edition number, artist signature, and year of production appear on front bottom of image on each print. Only black and white artist proofs are left!

Title: "Rockford Skyline"
Color: Black
Edition: LIMITED - Artist Proof
Size: 20x8" Image
Framed: Yes - 26x14" Metal




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