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Bladetooth Wedge Snail - woodblock print (5x7")

Bladetooth Wedge Snail - woodblock print (5x7")

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Limited Edition of only 50

"Bladetooth Wedge" is a fun little print inspired by a little snail of the same name. Snails are interesting little creatures and I just find their home on their backs as fascinating little creations. Another reminder to take things slow but also give yourself a scary name so people leave you alone. I feel like these are introvert creatures - carrying around their own hiding place. ha!

Printed on white thick cotton paper with two layers of earthy orange and a blend of gray and brown inks. Printed from a hand carved wood block sourced from a sustainable forest in Hokkaido, Japan. Title, artist signature, edition number, and year of production appear on front of each print.


Ink on white thick cotton paper


5x7" Paper Size
~3x4" Image Size


Ships flat and arrives packaged in protective resealable cello sleeve with backing board

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