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Brooding Cicadas - woodblock print (9x12")

Brooding Cicadas - woodblock print (9x12")

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Limited Edition of only 50

"Brooding" is inspired by Brood XIII that is emerging here in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Cicadas are quite interesting little critters. They're very loud and kinda weird looking! Especially those shells they shed when they first pop out of the ground. These periodical critters only emerge every 17 years. Did you know that Brood XIII is made up of three different species of cicadas?

Enjoy these critters while they're around! Although, I know some places they are just too crazy loud!

Printed on white thick cotton paper with bright orange, forest green, and black inks from a hand carved Shina wood block sourced from a sustainable forest in Hokkaido, Japan. A reduction process was used to create three layers from one wood block. Title, artist signature, edition number, and year of production appear on front of each print. 


Ink on white thick cotton paper


9x12" Paper Size
6x8" Image Size


Ships flat and arrives packaged in protective resealable cello sleeve with backing board

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