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Make Peace - World Central Kitchen Fundraiser - Wood Type Letterpress (6x9")

Make Peace - World Central Kitchen Fundraiser - Wood Type Letterpress (6x9")

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"Make Peace" is a little reminder to make peace in this world. Whether it be with enemies, your family, yourself, or in your home. It's a central value to bring out helpful, loving, powerful growth to the world around you.

**$10 of each print will be donated** to the World Central Kitchen. An organization that has been sending food to those who need it most in this world during disasters both natural and man-made. This is an effort to bring awareness to all the struggles and wars happening in our world and to do something about it - even if it is a small effort - it helps make peace for others!

Your purchase of this print will help support those who are in need of food in Ukraine and Gaza during the wars that plague their countries and as those citizens flee to other countries for help. It will also help those who have suffered from natural disasters around the globe like wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

Find more information about the World Central Kitchen organization here

Thank you for the purchase of this print to help make peace in this world.❤️

Printed on white thick paper with wood type with sky blue and navy blue inks. Floral pieces and hearts adorn the top and bottom of the words "MAKE PEACE." Artist signature and year of production appear on front bottom right on each print. Open edition


White thick paper
Oil based ink


6x9" Paper Size


Ships flat and packaged in a resealable cello sleeve with backing board

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