Block printed goods for welcoming in the peacefulness of the prairies

Hand carved woodblock prints made to bring the peaceful outdoors inside. Be inspired by colorful prairie plants and little critters as they welcome in a sense of calm to that special relaxing corner of your home.

The Inspiration of Lemuette

  • You're Supporting a Woman Printmaker

    Hi! My name is Kari and I am inspired by peaceful prairies and create my woodblock prints in my basement print studio with three presses. I'm not at the farm studio anymore but am still inspired by local preservations like Klehm Arboretum, Nicholas Conservatory, Severson Dells, and Bell Bowl Prairie.

    About Lemuette 
  • Peace for You and Yours

    By purchasing my prints, greeting cards, stamps, and journals, you can bring peaceful art to your indoor surroundings and through your correspondence. Choose the color, critter, or plant that most speaks to your inner need for peace. If giving as a gift, find what speaks to your friendship or relationship in color, feeling, or title of print.

    What's your peaceful plant or critter? 
  • Advocate with Art

    Peace can be shown, received, made, and kept in many different ways. Together you and I can bring a sense of calm for people and places that need it most. I've created prints to raise money for Rockford's sister city Brovary, Ukraine and for a local rare gravel prairie called Bell Bowl Prairie.