• Bring Color to Your Home

    I know what it's like to have bare walls and boring, dull rooms. In my home, I look to make my spaces calm and enjoyable with colors and peaceful nature themes. You deserve colorful and calm self-care wherever you live (and work!)

    Make Your Home Colorful & Calm 
  • Limited Edition

    By creating limited edition prints, I guarantee that your colorful and calming artwork is handmade and will remain extra special. If it has an edition number on it (e.g. 3/10), that print was made only so many times and will never be made again.

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  • Make Peace

    You can bring a sense of calm for people and places that need it most. I've created prints to raise money for Rockford's sister city Brovary, Ukraine, meals to those who need it most with World Central Kitchen, and for a local rare gravel prairie called Bell Bowl Prairie.

    Bring Peace to Others 

"The lovely cardinal in this print gives me such a feeling of beauty and pride especially since it's the bird of our state."

- Lois S.

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