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Green Darner Dragonfly - woodblock print (5x7")

Green Darner Dragonfly - woodblock print (5x7")

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Limited Edition of only 50

"Green Darner" is a cute little print inspired by the dragonfly of the same name. The dragonfly symbolizes change, transformation, adaptability, and a deeper understanding of the meaning of life. A symbol for my family after losing my father-in-law in October 2022. May it bring you positive inspiration for a deeper meaning in your life that helps transform who you are by the changes happening around you.

Printed on white thick cotton paper with two layers inks: light green with sky blue and a second layer of a darker blue-green. Hand carved on a woodblock sourced from a sustainable forest in Hokkaido, Japan. Title, artist signature, edition number, and year of production appear on front of each print.


Ink on white thick cotton paper


5x7" Paper Size
~4x4" Image Size


Ships flat and arrives packaged in protective resealable cello sleeve with backing board

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