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I Wonder What the Plants Think of Us - woodblock and letterpress print (14x18")

I Wonder What the Plants Think of Us - woodblock and letterpress print (14x18")

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Limited Edition of 30

"I Wonder What the Plants Think of Us" is inspired by the Prairie Dandelion which is an endangered species in Illinois and one of the flowers found at Bell Bowl Prairie. Dandelions are considered weeds in our yards but this particular flower is special and rare. What really makes a plant a weed? Is it just a plant that we don't want and therefore just pull up and get rid of? This makes me wonder what the plants think of us.

*This was a very difficult print to accomplish! Because it was difficult, there are many inconsistencies between prints. Mostly with the letters having slight movement and tiny smudges. Each print will have some noticeable differences*

Printed on white thick cotton paper with green and brown inks from letterpress wood type and from a hand carved Shina wood block sourced from a sustainable forest in Hokkaido, Japan. For the dandelion image, a reduction process was used to create two layers from one wood block with green, yellow, and orange inks. Artist signature, edition number, and year of production appear on front of each print. No title is written since the words are printed.

Another print called "Pink Dandelion" was also made with the same carved woodblock.


Ink on white thick cotton paper


14x18" Paper Size
9x12" Image Size


Ships flat and arrives packaged in protective resealable cello sleeve with backing board

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