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Rusty Patch Bumble Bee - woodblock print - Save Bell Bowl Prairie (14x18")

Rusty Patch Bumble Bee - woodblock print - Save Bell Bowl Prairie (14x18")

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Rusty Patch Bumble Bee" is inspired by the efforts to save Bell Bowl Prairie on the grounds of the Rockford Airport. Plans to demolish it were postponed in November 2021 but it is still under threat. Although it is currently saved through October 15th 2022, the airport still plans to bulldoze it. It was recently spared again on March 1st. The RPBB has been discovered at Bell Bowl Prairie - this bee is IL state and federally endangered. There is also plant life at this very rare gravel prairie that is IL state endangered. Hope remains that the airport will redesign its expansion so that this prairie can be saved. We can have both the airport expansion AND the prairie! More information and updates can be found at

$20 from every unframed print will be donated to the Save Bell Bowl Prairie gofundme. If you'd rather donate directly, you can do so on this page. Money donated will help with legal fees and efforts to protect and care for Bell Bowl Prairie if it isn't destroyed, and other local prairies.

Hand carved woodblock printed by hand with yellow, orange, ochre, burnt sienna, brown, and black inks. Created by the reductive process with four layers of carving on one wood block. Title, artist signature, edition number, and year of production appear on front bottom of image on each print.


Ink on white thick cotton paper


14x18" Paper Size
9x12" Image Size


Ships flat and arrives packaged in protective resealable cello sleeve with backing board

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