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Start Remembering - Wood Type Letterpress Quote (9x12")

Start Remembering - Wood Type Letterpress Quote (9x12")

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"If You're Always Forgetting, Then Start Remembering!" A fun little letterpress print many Kari Quotes to come - my husband likes to keep a running list of funny things I say. Thought it'd be a fun way to make one letterpress print per month this year and put those quotes to good use while exercising some letterpress skills.

This one was probably said when I was a little annoyed with a family member for not using the family calendar to remember important events. I know that if I don't setup those reminders in my phone, I won't remember. Use the tools at hand to keep an organized social life!


Printed on white thick paper with light gray exclamation points in the background, and deeper gray, black, and red inks for the words and a couple more exclamation points. Each time a print is made, ink is rolled onto the wood type letters and the press rolls over it, transferring the ink to the paper. Paper size is 9" W x 12" L. Artist signature, year of production, and edition number appear on front bottom of image on each print. Arrives packaged in protective resealable cello sleeve with backing board. Ships flat.


White thick paper
Oil based ink


9x12" Paper Size


Ships flat and packaged in a resealable cello sleeve with backing board

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