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You Are the Yellow Sun in the Blue Sky - 3.5" Circle Vinyl Sticker for Brovary, Ukraine

You Are the Yellow Sun in the Blue Sky - 3.5" Circle Vinyl Sticker for Brovary, Ukraine

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  • "You Are the Yellow Sun in the Blue Sky"
  • This listing is for one 3.5" Vinyl Circle Sticker
  • Ready to ship!
  • Ukrainian flag inside a sun/sunflower shining brightly from a blue sky with stars and rays
  • 100% of profits ($5) of each sticker will be donated to the Brovary, Ukraine Fund
  • 200 stickers = $1000 fundraising goal
  • Ships free but no tracking - will ship standard first class mail with stamps
  • Original woodblock prints are also being sold separately which some of the profits will be going to the fund as well = another fundraising goal of $1000


A lovely sun also representing a sunflower shining brightly in the sky with a Ukrainian flag in the middle. Stars alongside it helping it to shine even brighter shows the gathering of the world in it's resistance against the war. The sunflower is a symbol of peace, unity, and Ukraine's national flower.


$5 from each sticker will be donated to the Brovary Fund in partnership with the City of Rockford and Kids Around the World. Brovary, Ukraine is the sister city to my hometown Rockford, IL, USA. Kids Around the World built their first playground ever in Brovary. In partnership with Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara, John Groh CEO of the Rockford Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, Community Fund of Northern Illinois, and Jim Rosene the President of Kids Around the World, the Brovary Fund will buy/send needed food, medicine, beds, fuel and any other needed items to our friends and their families in Brovary, Ukraine during this awful war. If you would like to donate directly as well, you can do that on the Kids Around the World website.

Imagery and title was created from my response to the words of the russian cosmonaut when confronted with the thought that their flight suits were yellow with blue accents in solidarity with Ukraine in the International Space Station:

"There is no need to look for any hidden signs or symbols in our uniform. A colour is simply a colour. It is not in any way connected to Ukraine. Otherwise, we would have to recognise its rights to the yellow sun in the blue sky."

- Oleg Artemyev, sourced from The via his space agency's Telegram channel

Title: "You Are the Yellow Sun in the Blue Sky"
Color: Blue and Yellow

3.5" Circle Vinyl Sticker





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